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Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP)

Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP)


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Navigate Workplace Emergencies with a Tailored Evacuation Strategy

Navigate workplace emergencies with this Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP)

Discover an essential tool for ensuring safety in emergency situations with our digitally downloadable Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP). This comprehensive document is designed to support individuals who may require assistance to evacuate a premises during an emergency, including those with health conditions, impairments, disabilities, and those who are neurodivergent. The PEEP empowers individuals to manage their escape to a place of safety efficiently and confidently.

What is a PEEP?

A Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP) is a personalised evacuation strategy document. Once completed it will outline the intended routes and methods of evacuation, taking into account the individual's limitations, such as physical, sensory, or cognitive impairments. The PEEP is designed to ensure that everyone, irrespective of their abilities, can evacuate to safety in an orderly and timely manner, with the right support and resources at hand.

Who Can Benefit?

Diverse group of people in the workplace

The PEEP is an invaluable tool for a wide array of individuals:

  • Mobility Impairments: Those who experience difficulty in moving around or performing certain physical tasks, may require the use of aids such as wheelchairs, crutches, or other supportive devices.

  • Sensory impairments: People with hearing impairments such as hearing-loss or deafness, and visual impairments such as partially sighted or blindness.

  • Non-Visible Conditions: Including individuals who are neurodivergent, those with learning differences, or those with anxiety disorders.

  • Other Health Conditions: Individuals with health conditions that may impact their ability to evacuate quickly, such as respiratory or cardiac conditions.


Features and Benefits of this PEEP:

Personalised to Individual Needs

Easily tailor the plan to cater to individual requirements, ensuring that every aspect of the evacuation process is covered.

Step-by-Step Evacuation Guidance

Once completed the PEEP offers detailed instructions on evacuation procedures, making it simple for individuals to follow in an emergency.

Instant Access and Portability

Being digitally downloadable, the PEEP can be accessed on multiple devices or hard copies printed, ensuring that you always have your personalised evacuation plan at your fingertips.

Builds Confidence

By providing a comprehensive escape strategy, individuals will feel more secure and confident in their ability to evacuate safely.

Designated Buddy System

The PEEP incorporates a buddy system, enabling individuals to come together for additional support during evacuations. This ensures that individuals can receive direct assistance when needed, fostering a safer and more inclusive evacuation process.


Our Template Makes Completing a PEEP Simple:

  • Easy-to-Follow Instructions: Our 'How to complete the PEEP' section takes you through the process step-by-step. To complete the Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan, a manager (or responsible person) assesses the need for assistance through discussion with the individual about their limitations. Together, they fill out the PEEP, considering personal needs for evacuation. If applicable, separate PEEPs for different work locations are created.

  • Guidance Page Included: To assist you in filling out the Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan effectively, we've included a detailed guidance page. This resource provides you with information, tips and recommendations to consider when creating an evacuation plan.

  • Example Document Provided: A pre-filled example document comes as part of your purchase. You can follow this to make filling in your document easier.


Fill-in on a computer or by hand...

This reasonable adjustments planner can be filled-in on a computer or by hand

The PEEP is fully editable on a computer. You can open it, fill it in, save and you're done. It can also be printed out and filled in by hand. If you're unsure how to do either of these don't worry, simple instructions and an example document are included.


Why Choose Our Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan?

Our digitally downloadable PEEP is an essential tool for anyone seeking to enhance emergency preparedness for individuals with specific needs that must be considered during an evacuation. With this plan, you're not just preparing for an emergency; you're ensuring that the right support and information are readily available, making a significant difference in potentially critical moments.

Equip your organisation with the knowledge and tools needed for safe and efficient evacuations. Download our PEEP today and take the first step towards enhanced safety in your workplace.

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What is a Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP)?

Our Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP) is a downloadable document designed to help create custom evacuation strategies. The product considers each individual's unique needs, including any physical, sensory, or cognitive challenges, and let you plan accordingly.

Ideal for businesses and organisations looking to enhance their safety protocols, our PEEP ensures that everyone, regardless of their abilities, has access to a clear, well-defined evacuation plan.

Elevate your safety planning with this essential tool for an inclusive emergency response strategy.

Who would benefit from having a PEEP?

Personal emergency evacuation plans (PEEPs) are crucial for individuals with various needs and conditions that affect their ability to evacuate safely during emergencies. This includes people with mobility impairments who rely on physical aids such as wheelchairs and crutches, those with sensory impairments such as hearing loss or blindness, and individuals with non-visible conditions, including neurodivergence, learning differences, or anxiety disorders.

Additionally, it's vital for individuals with health conditions that can hinder a swift evacuation, such as respiratory or cardiac issues, to have a plan in place for evacuation in an emergency.

These plans ensure that all individuals, regardless of their physical or mental health status, can evacuate safely and efficiently in an emergency.

How can I download this document?

Once you have completed your purchase you will be sent a link via email to download your files. This is usually within an hour.

No subscription, no contract, easy.

How can I edit the document?

By hand:

Simply open the document through your web browser, or other print software, and navigate to print. The document can be printed in black & white if needed. Grab a pen...

On a computer:

We recommend using Adobe Acrobat Reader, the free, user friendly app from Adobe.

Don't worry, you won't need to learn any new software skills. In this simple app you can open your document, make edits, save changes and print.

Use this link to download your free copy from Alternatively, navigate to and search for Acrobat Reader.

On a mobile device:

Although our documents can be downloaded to and edited on mobile devices, for the best user experience and full functionality we recommend using a computer, laptop or similar.