Collection: Reasonable Adjustment Bundles

Discover the ultimate solution for creating an inclusive and supportive workplace with our range of Reasonable Adjustment Bundles. Tailored to meet the needs of employees with a variety of medical conditions, these bundles are crucial for any organisation committed to diversity and inclusion.

  • The Support Bundle contains three key components: a comprehensive Reasonable Adjustments Policy, an intuitive Reasonable Adjustments Planner (also known as a Reasonable Adjustments passport), and a Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP).

  • The Complete Bundle features the components of the Support Bundle, plus an extensive collection of 46 Reasonable Adjustment Guides tailored to various health conditions, providing an in-depth resource for HR professionals and managers. These guides offer practical advice and solutions to ensure your workplace is both compliant and conducive to the needs of all employees.

Perfect for enhancing inclusivity and support, the products in this collection are designed to empower teams with the knowledge and tools necessary to implement effective and meaningful adjustments, fostering a truly inclusive environment.

Reasonable Adjustments Product Bundles for supporting individuals with various medical conditions in the workplace