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Reasonable Adjustments Policy Statement

Reasonable Adjustments Policy Statement


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Empower Inclusivity in Your Workplace


Our Reasonable Adjustments Policy template is an essential asset for organisations striving to cultivate an inclusive environment that embraces individuals with disabilities, long-term health conditions, impairments, or neurodivergence. This downloadable document provides a clear framework for identifying and implementing adjustments, and outlines roles and responsibilities to ensure compliance and promote diversity. It aims to eliminate workplace barriers, enabling all individuals to access employment opportunities and services on an equal basis.

The template comes pre-filled with content which you can easily make changes to and add further detail to suit the needs of your organisation if required.


Why Choose Our Reasonable Adjustments Policy?

Expertly Crafted

Developed by experts in workplace inclusion, our policy is up-to-date with the latest legal compliance requirements and best practices.

User-Friendly Design

Our policy is not only comprehensive but also designed with user experience in mind. It features an intuitive layout and clear language, making it accessible to employees at all levels of your organisation, from management to entry-level.

Promotes a Barrier-Free Work Environment

By employing this template, your organisation will pave the way towards removing workplace barriers, thereby creating a culture where every employee is valued and empowered to achieve their fullest potential. It's an instrumental resource in promoting an ethos of equality and supporting the diverse needs of your teams.

Ready-to-use and Customisable

Designed for versatility, the Reasonable Adjustments Policy Template comes ready-to-use with easily adaptable content. You can personalise the document to reflect the specific requirements and values of your organisation, making it an integral part of your inclusivity efforts.


Demonstrate your Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion


Implementing a reasonable adjustments policy is a clear demonstration of an organisation's dedication to diversity, inclusion, and the well-being of its employees and service users. It not only ensures legal compliance but also showcases a commitment to removing workplace barriers, promoting equality, and fostering an environment where everyone is empowered to succeed.


Key Features of this Policy:

Key features of this reasonable adjustments policy
  • Time-Saving: Save significant time by using our pre-filled template that only needs customisation, speeding up policy implementation.

  • Consistency: Having a reasonable adjustments policy ensures all employees follow the same guidelines, maintaining fairness and clarity across the organisation.

  • Compliance: Designed with legal compliance in mind, helping businesses adhere to laws and reduce the risk of non-compliance.

  • Professionalism: Projects a professional image, showing commitment to a structured and fair work environment.

  • Cost-Effective: Reduces the need for costly legal and HR consultants, offering a cost-saving solution for quality, customised documents.

  • Adaptability: Allows for easy customisation to fit your organisation's unique needs and culture.

  • Risk Management: Helps mitigate legal and workplace risks by establishing clear policies and procedures.


Fill-in on a computer or by hand...

This reasonable adjustments planner can be filled-in on a computer or by hand

The downloadable document is fully editable on a computer. Just open it, fill it in, make edits, save and you're done. For those who prefer a hands-on approach, we also provide a blank version, perfect for printing and manual completion. If you're unsure how to do either of these don't worry, simple instructions are included.


Who Can Benefit?


Our Reasonable Adjustments Policy Template is ideal for any organisation committed to enhancing workplace inclusivity for individuals with health conditions, impairments, disabilities, or neurodiversity. Whether you're a small startup or a large corporation, this template is designed to help you build a supportive, understanding, and accommodating work environment.

Elevate your organisation's commitment to inclusivity and diversity. Download our Digital Reasonable Adjustments Policy Template today and take a significant step towards creating a workplace where everyone is empowered to excel.

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