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Young Persons Risk Assessment Template

Young Persons Risk Assessment Template


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Pre-filled Risk Assessments: The Key to Effortless Health & Safety Compliance.

This ready to use risk assessment template for young persons in the workplace will enable you to quickly create a document legally compliant to UK health & safety law. The form will give you a good indication of the hazards associated with young workers in the work environment along with the risks and controls you should be thinking about.

The template comes pre-filled with relevant content which you can easily make changes to and add further detail to suit your needs. As every business is different there is also a blank page for adding additional hazards specific to your business if needed.

Why are Young Workers at Increased Risk?

Two young colleagues in the workplace environment

For many young people the workplace will be a new environment. Their lack experience can leave them vulnerable. They are often unfamiliar with the risks associated with a new role and the behaviour expected of them. Because of this, a line manager or responsible person should complete this risk assessment as soon as a young person under the age of 18 is employed.

This Young Persons Health & Safety Risk Assessment Includes:

This young persons risk assessment template includes
  • Colleague & manager details
  • Table of working conditions that may increase risk
  • Physical & working hazards
  • Associated risks
  • Control measures & guidance
  • Comments / notes section
  • Additional (Custom) hazards page

Why Choose Our Young Person Risk Assessment?

Why choose our young persons risk assessment?
  • Ease of Use: This risk assessment for young people in the workplace is designed to be straightforward and user-friendly. It comes pre-filled with relevant content to make conducting your risk assessments easy.

  • Cost-Effective: With H&S consultants typically charging upwards of £400 per day, implementing health & safety measures can often be a burden. Take control using our templates and save your business time and money.

  • Specific Hazards and Risks: This risk assessment document includes hazards and risks that are commonly encountered in the workplace by inexperienced young workers.

  • Control Measures: Alongside each identified hazard, there are suggested control measures or actions that can be taken to reduce or eliminate the risk. These measures are based on industry best practices and legal requirements.

  • Legal Compliance: The young person risk assessment template is designed to comply with health & safety laws and regulations, helping businesses meet their legal obligations to provide a safe working environment.

  • Customisable Content: While the digitally downloadable document comes pre-filled with relevant content, it is also easily customisable, allowing businesses to add or modify information to suit their specific operational needs and circumstances.

  • Additional Hazards Page: Our young persons risk assessment has an extra page for documenting any additional hazards not covered in the pre-filled sections. This ensures that the document can cover all possible risks, tailored to the specific environment or operations of the business.

  • Sign-off Section: A section for signatures from responsible persons, such as the business owner or assessor, indicating that the risk assessment has been completed.

Fill-in on a computer, or by hand.

How to edit this risk assessment template

This digitally downloadable risk assessment is fully editable on a computer. You can open it, fill it in, save and you're done. It can also be printed out and filled in by hand. If you're unsure how to do either of these don't worry, simple instructions are included.

Health & safety documents you will receive:

  • 1 x Pre-filled Young Persons Risk Assessment (A4 size, Editable PDF)
  • 1 x Blank Young Persons Risk Assessment (A4 size, Editable PDF)
  • 1 x Example Young Persons Risk Assessment (A4 size, PDF)
  • 1 x User instructions
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      What does my business need?

      Health & safety laws apply to all businesses. As an employer, or a self-employed person, you are responsible for health & safety in your workplace. The approach you take should be proportionate to the size of your business and the nature of the business activity. For most small, low-risk businesses the steps you need to take are straightforward, all that is required is a series of practical tasks:

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