Health & Safety form bundles for small businesses

Health & Safety Document Bundles

Improve safety, increase compliance, save time & money with our Safety Toolkits.

For small businesses, time can be a scarce resource. Time spent searching for information or documentation is time that could be spent growing your business. When you're unsure what you're looking for it can be daunting to navigate world of health & safety law and regulation. Plus, if you do find what you need the documents or forms can often be awkward, inaccessible and lengthy. With H&S consultants often charging upwards of £420 per day, there must be a better way.

Safety Toolkits make health & safety easy.

Our health & safety toolkits are designed to remove friction points and make whole the process of managing H&S yourself easy. The suite of user-friendly documents are simple to fill-in and banish complex jargon, giving you the information you need in terms that real humans can understand.

Health & safety bundle with over 60 products, plus a user guide.

The safety toolkits contain a suite of over 60 essential documents including a H&S policy, fire safety documents, risk assessments, accident report form, guidance, posters and more. A handy user guide containing the easy guide to health & safety basics and an explanation of each document with instructions on how to use them is also included.

Included in our Health & Safety document bundles:

Fill-in by hand, or on a computer.

Many of the documents in this H&S toolkit are fully editable on a computer. You can open them, fill them in, save and you're done. They can also be printed and filled in by hand. If you're unsure how to do either of these don't worry, simple instructions are included.

Safety toolkit benefits:

  • Increase compliance across your business
  • Save £££ on expensive consultant fees
  • Promote H&S culture in your business
  • Includes over 60 downloadable products
  • Save over 25% with bundle

View our range of Health & Safety Document Bundles here.

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Health and safety bundles

Improve health & safety across your business with our Safety Toolkits

Each toolkit is packed with all the essentials like safety policies, fire safety documents, risk assessments, guidance, posters and more. Plus, a handy user guide explaining what the documents are and how you should be using them is also included.

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